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Each of Our 3 Strategies

has 5 Essentials for a

Better Retirement

1. Generating more spendable income than alternative strategies

2. Protecting your principle & growth from any/all market losses

3. Generating consistent & reasonable growth

4. Allowing easy access to your money with no penalties

5. Providing these and other benefits at a reasonable cost

Producing the most spendable income possible out of every dollar invested should be your number one retirement planning priority and the prerequisite for any savings plan to be able to maintain your current lifestyle throughout retirement.


No other traditional savings & retirement plan does this better than our three savings & income strategies and few, if any alternate plans, even have one of the Essentials found in Ultimate Income products.


Take a minute to read through each of our three strategies below then contact us today for a free no-obligation 15 minute call.





Tax-Exempt Savings (TES) is our #1 Retirement Savings product. It is a flexible, Indexed strategy that can give you more Tax-exempt income, protection and benefits in retirement. Income and benefits are designed to last for life.

Three ways TES produces more growth & income

than  401Ks/IRAs:

  • Higher Growth: TES can earn double-digit growth in up markets and pays nearly 4% guaranteed interest in volatile or down markets through the fixed account. Gains lock in annually and are protected from future market losses.

  • Persistency Bonus: Increasing bonuses paid each year which help offset the cost of insurance and add cash value to the contract.

  • Loan Interest: Upon retiring, income from TES is taken as a loan that is never repaid. Historically, 7 out of 10 years these loans can add "net" interest to the contract.

Who should consider TES?

Tax-Exempt Savings offers a better retirement savings alternative for most people and situations by providing the opportunity for more growth, income, protection and benefits than found in 401ks and IRAs invested in the stock market.


401k/IRA Investors:

Diversify out of stock market risk, get more lifetime benefits and spendable (tax-exempt) income, pay much lower costs and use less out-of-pocket money to fund. TES income and benefits are designed to last for life.

Self-Employed, Small Business Owners & Employees:

These 3 groups of people can now have a portable, individual retirement savings with flexibility in funding, allows easy access to cash value, provides lifetime tax exempt income and benefits that won’t run out. Loans may be used for any reason and have no penalties or restrictions.

Parents & Grandparents funding college plans: 

TES makes an ideal gift for children and grandchildren to help cover the cost of higher education, starting a small business or a down payment on that first home. It provides more growth and income, has more options and fewer restrictions than 529 plans.





In the past, traditional savings choices were limited to CDs, treasuries, money market funds and interest bearing bank accounts . These are all considered “safe money” but also “low yield” investments that haven’t even kept up with the rate of inflation.


Now indexed products are proving to be a better choice for earning higher interest with no exposure to stock market risk. You’ll also have the backing and protection of A-rated companies with 100 years of experience in money management.

Two options are available:

1. Cash Lump Sum:

  • Immediate income available at the end of year 1.

  • Double-digit annual growth potential in bull markets with no stock market risk

  • Guaranteed annual rates (3.75% to 4%) available anytime

  • Funds are 100% liquid, no restrictions or penalties for early withdrawal. *not FDIC insured


​​2. 401k Rollover & IRA Lump Sums:

  • Immediate income available at the end of year 1 *indexed gains are withdrawn first and are taxable as ordinary income

  • Lifetime income option also available for you & spouse

  • Can surrender or rollover into another product after only 5 years, no penalties

  • 10% annual penalty-free withdrawal. *10% IRS withdrawal penalty (prior to ag 59.5) and taxed as ordinary income.

Who should consider Savings Replacement?

Savings Replacement offers multiple indexed strategies, each providing penalty-free access to funds and higher growth potential than offered by traditional savings investments.


  • Individuals with a Cash or Qualified lump sums (401k rollovers or IRAs)

- $30K minimum.

- Two Strategies, FIUL or FIA


  • Retirees or individuals who want supplemental annual income.

- Two Strategies, FIUL or FIA


  • Small Businesses seeking higher returns on idle cash or reserve funds.

- FIUL only


  • Individuals wanting to convert taxable money into a tax free estate benefit.

- Two Strategies, FIUL or FIA


Increasing Lifetime Income

Creates a personal pension with guarantees of increasing lifetime income and no stock market losses. Fixed and Indexed gains provide pay raises which help offset future cost-of-living increases.

Additional features/benefits:

  • Foundational income:

This strategy provides a dependable stream of increasing income and is guaranteed not to run out in retirement. Combined with Social Security, Increasing Lifetime Income provides the additional security needed to ensure a worry-free retirement that you and your spouse will not outlive. 

  • Uncapped Indexed Growth:

New uncapped index choices improve the opportunity for better growth in rising markets which in turn, produces even more spendable income. Guaranteed rates are also available which can be used to earn interest during weak or declining markets.

  • Liquidity:

10% penalty-free annual withdrawals are available the end of year one and every year thereafter. Following the surrender period, the full cash value may be taken with no penalties or charges.

  • Funding:

Fund with a one-time lump sum from either a 401K rollover, IRA, CD or savings. Monthly funding or adding more money to the contract later is not permitted.

Who should consider 

Increasing Lifetime Income

  • Couples or individuals with a minimum $30K lump sum.


  • Couples who want retirement income guaranteed to last for both of their lives.


  • Those seeking a hedge against inflation and protection from stock market losses.


  • Couples or individuals who need immediate income following year 1 and anytime thereafter.


  • Anyone unable to qualify for Tax Exempt Savings.

Savings replacement
Increasing Lifetime Income
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