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Client Testimonials

Venus W. 

"...It’s nice that I don’t worry anymore about losing money in the stock market like I did with my 401k. I also like the idea of getting tax free income because when I retire, I know taxes are going to be a lot higher in the future. And my contract has actually grown faster than we projected 7 years ago so I could get even more income at age 66 or be able to retire sooner!"

- Venus W.

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Additional Video Resources

Watch the short video links below to hear what major news publications and public figures have uncovered regarding the hidden pitfalls of 401K plans and how they might impact your retirement.

Media Library
CBS This Morning
Featuring Tony Robbins

This quick, one minute video discusses the often hidden fees typical of many 401K plans and how much even 1% in fees will end up costing your retirement.

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