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5 Essentials For a Better Retirement #1

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

This is the first in a series of articles covering the 5 Essentials For a Better Retirement, beginning with #1: More Spendable Income.

Producing the most spendable income possible out of every dollar invested should be your number one priority and the prerequisite for any savings plan to be able to

maintain your current lifestyle throughout retirement. No other traditional savings plan does this better than Tax-Exempt Savings (TES) and few if any alternate plans even have one of the Essentials found in Ultimate Income products.

Key elements in TES that produce more income than traditional plans:

  • Higher growth: TES grows 3 ways, 401Ks only grow in up markets.

  • Index credits: TES can earn double-digit growth in up markets or pay 4% guaranteed in volatile or down markets through the fixed account.

  • Persistency bonus: a bonus that increases each year and continues growing, adding money to the total value of the contract.

  • Loan interest: when you retire, you will take income from TES as a loan that you never pay back. Historically, 7 out of 10 years this loaned money will pay "net" interest credit to your contract. Where else can you keep earning interest on borrowed money?

Many people mistakenly believe that a 401k, especially with a company match, is the best way to achieve the most spendable income.

Not so. A 401k limits your choices to market investments only, offers no protection against repeated losses of time and money and allow excessive fees. This combination of design flaws severely restricts your ability to replace a working income. 

You may not believe a market crash will ever happen to you but history proves over and over that if you stay in the market long enough, it will! A market crash during your retirement will permanently reduce your income and could potentially set you on a path to run out of money. 

Tax-Exempt Savings offers maximum income and maximum protection.

Tax-Exempt Savings never loses time or money before or during retirement due to a market crash. This means our plans never stop growing, enabling them to produce more spendable income that won't run out in retirement. 

Next we will be covering Essential #2, "No Market Losses". You don't want to miss it!

In the mean time, please feel free to call, email or text me today to find out for yourself what Ultimate Income Advisors can do for your retirement.


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